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Get Recertified 

If you are a currently certified lifeguard, you qualify for a review course. We can extend a grace period of 30 days to you if you just expired.

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Red Cross Lifeguard Course

This course is for first-time lifeguard candidates or those that were previously certified.

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Shallow Water Lifeguard

The Shallow Water Course restricts lifeguards to 5 ft or less of water depth, but the swimming prerequisites are easier and the course has fewer skills.

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Safety Training for Swim Coaches

Set up a skills session for your swim coaches.

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Private or Semi-Private Lifeguard Course

A private certification takes about half the time of our standard course. This is the solution for people with impossible schedules.

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Rotation Timers

Is someone on your staff ALWAYS rotating late and making everyone else big mad? You need a rotation timer. Your team will rotate like a well-oiled machine.

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CPR Certification

Have us come to your facility for a CPR course. Adult CPR/AED only takes about 90 minutes. Ask us for more information.

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We'll Certify YOUR Guards

Send your guards to us and let them have many scheduling options OR we can come to your pool and train.

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GuardStart: Junior Lifeguard Program

We can come to your pool and offer your 11 to 14-year-olds a half-day adventure, challenging them with aquatic rescues, training games and CPR/AED. This gives the confidence to take the standard course at 15 years old while teaching valuable lifesaving in the meantime. Ask us for more information.

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Best Practices

A focus on small facilities like private club pools

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Rotate like a Boss

Restore Harmony!

Nothing ruins the good vibes of a lifeguard staff like someone consistently rotating late. If a guard rotates two minutes late, not only do they gain two minutes, but the guard coming down loses two minutes. Get your staff back in sync with a rotation timer.

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