A "lifeguard" course

for helicopter parents and their dependents

Mom's Love DuckDuckGuard's


Other lifeguard training programs wouldn't let me get into the pool with my teen-child, Montana, and encourage him. DuckDuckGuard provided me with a big floatie so I could stay with him the whole course.

Lorena Watson

We loved the sea shanties they taught us to cheer on our daughter. Also, being in the pool with her during class allowed me to give dirty looks to the instructors whenever they gave a correction to my Jaxsyn. 

Emma Brown

Float in your own giant Rubber Duckie while you cheer on your teen-child!

Frequently Asked Questions

My teen-child doesn't swim well enough to pass the swimming test of a lifeguarding course. Can he still take this course?

For sure! We will provide a rubber duck themed innertube for him to float in during class. There is no reason non-swimmers shouldn't be lifeguards!

My daughter has recreation activities (sports) that are more important than the lifesaving work of lifeguards. Can we come late/skip/leave early?

Absolutely! This is the course for you. As a non-certification course you don't even need to just need to pay.

Whenever my teen-child fails, I blame it on someone else. If he fails in DuckDuckGuard, will I be able to blame it on the instructors?

Yes! Because DuckDuckGuard is a non-certification course, you can blame everything on us!

Can my teen-child take the course with her friends, give you dirty looks and sigh every time you ask them to do something?

Yes! Just have them all pay!

Where can my teen-child lifeguard with a DuckDuckGuard non-certificate?

DuckDuckGuard participants aren't ready for real lifeguard jobs, but you can keep the rubber duckie innertube as a souvenir. 

What is the cost of the DuckDuckGuard program?

$3990 per teen-child