Lifeguarding Manual eBook Access Code Instructions

To access your free American Red Cross Lifeguarding Manual eBook, follow the steps below:

Copy this code:


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To view your eBook:

1. Copy your access code provided above.
2. Click the eReader link:
3. On the eReader page, to the right of “Sign In”, click “Access Code”.
4. Paste your access code in the access code field.
5. After submitting your access code, enter your full name, email, and set your password for the eReader.
6. You will then be successfully routed to your eBook library, and you will find your Lifeguarding Manual eBook, with 11 separate chapters.

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Already have an eReader account with the Red Cross?

1. Click the eReader link provided above.
2. Login to your eReader account.
3. After logging in, on the top right side of your profile, click the plus sign.
4. Paste your access code from this email into the access code field, and your new eBook will display in your library.

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Once redeemed, your eBook will be visible on your bookshelf for two years. You can choose to read via mobile using our apps. Just download our eBook Apps offered for IOS and Android devices, and login to your account