Why Become a Lifeguard?

Join a 109-year-old American tradition that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

■ Fun Experience: This job is more fun than most other jobs that high school and college students have. Working outside, with your friends, around water.

■ Higher Pay: Lifeguards are in demand. You have to do something extra, take the lifeguarding course, to be one. There is a national shortage of lifeguards. This means the pay can be higher than competing jobs and there are many openings.

■ There are always job openings. Check out our job board.

■ Scholarships: Many private clubs have scholarship programs for staff and there are national scholarships for lifeguards.

■ Working with Children

■ Coaching Swim Team

■ Teaching Swimming Lessons

■ Getting good at handling emergencies

■ Learning to be assertive